Under The Hood: Lawcadia Intelligence Webinar.

Updated: Jun 3

Lawcadia Intelligence™ is Lawcadia’s new intelligent platform engine that combines no-code automation and machine learning to power its best-in-class matter and spend management platform.

In this interactive webinar we will take you on a deep dive into how Lawcadia Intelligence drives all aspects of the platform, explore popular solutions and workflows that in-house legal teams are loving, along with a good look under the hood of the intelligent engine for all those who appreciate beautiful technology!

This interactive webinar will showcase:

  • Intelligent matter intake, triage and self-service

  • How easy it is to use built-in document automation

  • How matter management and automation are better together

  • How automation and decision logic can take outside counsel engagements and spend management to the next level

  • How to use BI reporting for oversight and better decision making


Sacha Kirk, Co-Founder & CMO at Lawcadia

Steven Dudley, Solutions Specialist at Lawcadia


Lawcadia is a legal technology company with a cloud-based platform that in-house legal teams and their law firms use to manage intake, matters, engagements, RFPs, and spend. It enables users to be more efficient, control processes and spend, and have visibility across the legal function.

An award-winning, easy to implement, intuitive and affordable end-to-end legal operations platform, Lawcadia incorporates no-code workflow automation and logic-based processes with a collaborative and secure interface.

Clients include corporate and government legal teams and over 150 law firms.

Founded in 2015, Lawcadia is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia with clients in Asia-Pacific, UK and the US.

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