The Microsoft Law Dept Hero's Journey From 'Legal Ops' To 'Modern Legal'.

Jason Barnwell @smuckwell describes how Microsoft is building a modern, digital law department to meet the complex legal needs of an accelerating and dynamic [changing] business, with global scope, at massive scale. His far-reaching article covers the 'new openness' of buyers, regulatory change, competition as new suppliers emerge and incumbents respond, and their law dept portfolio of experiments to create an intelligent platform of data and tools (built on the Microsoft platform where possible). But he leads with the importance of culture, built on great stories, to help people embrace change as they find their place in the future. Oh, and we can be heroes!

We hypothesize that transformation efforts must focus on culture first. If culture is not conditioned to receive and support the transformation, people will reject it.

By Liam Brown

Liam helps general counsel and law firm leaders improve effectiveness and efficiency. In 2011 he launched Elevate as the law company to provide consulting, technology, and services to law departments and law firms. Liam was previously the Founder, President and CEO of Integreon, a global LPO, which he led from startup in 2001 to annual sales of $150 million by 2011, before he sold to private equity investors. Prior to Integreon, he was the Founder, President and COO of a pioneering VC-backed Web 1.0 virtual data room legal tech company, which he sold to a public company in 2001. Liam is a frequent speaker at legal conferences and regularly publishes articles about trends in the legal sector. He is also an active investor in emerging legal technologies and an executive coach for founders of startups.


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