The ‘Disruptive Force’ that is Innovation in the Legal Vertical

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Change and Innovation are often seen as a 'Disruptive Force' in the legal industry, causing law firms to throw their existing business models and rethink how they currently deliver legal services. Is this true?

In this episode of FLIPCast, we speak to Jae Um, Founder & Executive Director of Research & Insights firm Six Parsecs. She shares on how data, in-depth research and understanding of the market are critical aspects in helping law firms and practitioners find the best problem-solution fit and how segmentation and having empathy are two big drivers behind innovation in the legal vertical. We also hear from her on how to turn big ideas into big resolves, ansd how strategic marketers and legal practitioners can initiate change to solve problems and create new business value from within.

Tune in to our chat to kick-start your week in an innovative way!

FLIPCast Ep 3:

About the Future Law Innovation Programme

FLIP is a two-year pilot programme by SAL to encourage the adoption of technology and drive innovation to create a vibrant ecosystem for legal technology. It is part of the Legal Technology Vision, a five-year road map by SAL for the digital transformation of Singapore’s legal sector. This vision, put together by representatives from the Judiciary, the Ministry of Law, Attorney-General’s Chambers and private sector lawyers is a call to action for lawyers to become part of the digital disruption that faces the legal industry today.

FLIP regularly runs legal tech-related events in the Legal Innovation Lab located at the Collision 8 co-working space across the road from the Supreme Court. More information on FLIP can be found at

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