Technology And Security In The Legal Sector

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Technology is, and has been, advancing at a rapid pace for some time now and does not show any signs of slowing down. Just how tech-savvy though do successful lawyers need to be in the current digital age? Recent innovations in technology, such as smart contracts and AI platforms, are tools that forward-thinking lawyers can utilise to reduce time intensive tasks, assist with strategic thinking by using data analysis, inform case outcomes, as well as digitising documents and storing them on “the cloud”. This means that lawyers are now able to gain remote document access from any location and a variety of devices. Technology is also changing the way that legal professionals work, especially in the NewLaw arena. The NewLaw business model is based around flexible working and offers both lawyers and their clients’ greater autonomy over how, when and where they work.

These NewLaw firms enable their clients legal and compliance teams to operate more efficiently and achieve cost-effective business solutions. Firms such as Cognatio Law does this by seconding consultants at short notice on projects, which in turn allows companies to meet important deadlines without the risk of incurring additional permanent headcount costs. Security is another issue which businesses face with the rise of technology. Your cloud-stored documents, along with all your electronic devices and AI platforms, must obviously be kept confidential and secure. Being tech-savvy is an important part of nearly every career in today’s digital age and it is vital for lawyers to also compete and succeed in this fast-paced business world. This means they have to be able to quickly and accurately advise their clients on any issue whilst at the same time ensure that confidentiality remains a top priority.

About Cognatio Law

Cognatio Law offers a solutions-driven platform to assist in-house legal teams in Asia that are struggling to reduce costs, headcount and fixed expenses, whilst still meeting clients needs and deadlines, by bringing in seconding experts available for one-off assignments as well as ongoing time-critical and sensitive projects, without having to incur additional permanent employee costs. Our legal team has 40 years experience of working with legal, compliance and risk professionals across the Asia Pacific region. We would love to work with you, contact us today!

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