Climate Change Risk And Liability Report 2021

Updated: Apr 30

We are pleased to present our latest climate change risk and liability report, Stepping up good governance to seize opportunities and reduce exposure.

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Much has changed since we published our first climate risk report two years ago, at a time when it was still a relatively nascent boardroom issue for businesses outside the energy sector. The countdown to net zero carbon emissions has now truly begun and developments around climate change risk and regulation are accelerating, with implications for all industries.

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in November this year is likely to set the pace in terms of defining and strengthening the policy response. Since achieving net zero will require significant investment as well as regulation, this could create major opportunities for businesses, as well as risks.

As companies build resilience, the importance of good governance cannot be overestimated. Putting climate risk awareness at the heart of decision-making and embedding it into both strategy and culture at all levels of an organisation is an important step.

Since legal considerations extend beyond environmental law and regulation to areas like asset management, finance, insurance, tax and many more, businesses are looking to their lawyers for deep knowledge of all the issues and out-of-the-box thinking to guide them through the transition.

At Clyde & Co, we have developed market-leading expertise and a reputation for innovation in this space. In this report, we look at many of the key issues, from recent and emerging developments in this area, to how organisations can best position themselves to withstand shocks and seize the initiative so that they can help to deliver a future that is sustainable for themselves, and for all of us.

For further information, please contact: Emma Ager, Partner, Clyde & Co

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