Spotlight On: Electronic Hearings

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

With the opening of our premises at Maxwell Chamber Suites this week, we are taking the opportunity to look at how our eHearings services can save time and money, and make matters more efficient.

The future is looking smarter, faster and sharper for lawyers who embrace the cutting edge technology and services now available via our eHearings team.  

How We Can Help You

We understand our clients want to focus on the issues and problems constantly evolving within their matter, and it doesn’t help when the extraneous and miscellaneous elements of the proceedings occupy precious time. We strive to streamline the operation with our suite of innovative, tech-savvy, legal technology solutions, which provide significant time and cost savings, and gains in efficiency. It allows professionals to spend more time solving legal issues as we take care of the time-consuming co-ordination of the hearing processes and evidence management, helping our clients achieve winning outcomes.

Our first-class digital services and high-quality solutions can transform matter workflow. From discovery to litigation, we can facilitate an integrated digital operation and remove the hassle of consolidating evidence and organising documents. Our team of lawyers, IT specialists, AV technicians, paralegals and project managers can manage all the additional components of the trial, hearing or arbitration.

In addition to our sophisticated evidence management service, we can employ various digital solutions to enhance proficiency and productivity. We can facilitate the conduct of any litigation or inquiry and ensure the professional team are effective and impressive when integrating our eHearings solutions.

We recently included an article in our June Debrief on ‘Why the Future is eHearings’ looking at eHearing technologies and their benefits. If you missed it, it’s worth taking a look.

Streamlining the Proceedings

From the pre-trial phase, to the commencement of the hearing and the conclusion of the matter, our eHearings Consultants will be ready to facilitate a smooth and successful operation of your matter and assist with evolving requirements.

We can reduce the sheer complexity of the court processes and document management, and facilitate a simple and effortless experience, allowing professionals to focus on the practice of law. It sounds almost idyllic – a completely streamlined process, but with the integration of eHearings services, high-quality purpose-designed solutions and the support of our highly trained eHearings team. This convenience and efficiency is now a reality.

Custom Made Solutions

Beyond the exciting possibilities aforementioned, our eHearings team prides itself in creating high-quality solutions to make legal processes easier. If there are requirements that fall outside the scope of our present service lines, we enjoy innovating purpose-built solutions. We can modify our integrative technologies and innovate solutions to expediate hearing processes and law procedures.    

Our experienced team of legal technologists will customise high-quality software solutions and design the most appropriate eHearings solution. We have diverse experience assisting law firms, in-house counsel and government departments with our digital technologies and know how to devise solutions that can expediate the operation of proceedings.

Stop wasting money, resources and valuable time.

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