Kazakhstan - Obtaining Electronic Digital Signature (EDS)

Updated: May 24, 2020

EDS is an individual specific set of characters (online keys) that can be used by person/company. EDS gives possibility to receive state services online. What is Unicase and how do we work? Unicase team provides support during obtaining EDS through preparation of necessary documents, assistance with the relevant state authorities and other issues. The EDS procedure proceeds according to the Step I-II described in the sections below. Step I. Draft of documents for EDS The following documents are required for obtaining EDS for individuals:

  • Application in established form

  • IIN certificate or residence permit to foreign citizens permanently residing in the Kazakhstan (if applicable)

  • card of passport of individual

  • Notarized PoA for Unicase attorneys to obtain EDS

The following documents are required for obtaining EDS for company:

  • Application in established form

  • Power of Attorney (by established form) for one-time receipt or revocation of EDS IIN certificate or residences permit to foreign citizen permanently residing in Kazakhstan, ID card/passport for foreign Client representative/director (if applicable) Certificate of a registered company

  • PoA for Unicase attorneys to obtain EDS

  • Certificate of employment, order of the appointment of the Director or the company

Step II. Submission for EDS Documents indicated in Step I shall be submitted to the NAO GK Government for citizens (public service centre- PSC). FAQ

When will the EDS be issued? EDS is issued in 1 day (at place) after submission of the documents to the PSC. How long does it generally take to obtain EDS? In practice, the EDS obtained within 1-2 weeks, depending on the efficiency of each person/company involved while providing documents. Who should sign the documents on behalf of the company? The following persons/company has right to sign the documents on behalf of the company: the director of the company, official company employee or representative acting on the basis of the PoA. How should documents be certified? Documents executed outside of Kazakhstan shall be signed, sealed with corporate seal (if applicable), notarized and legalized (apostilled). Documents executed in Kazakhstan i.e. application, PoA In established form shall be signed and sealed with corporate seal. 

For further information, please contact:

Saniya Perzadayeva, Managing Partner, Unicase Law Firm


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