How To Improve International SEO Part 3: Keyword Research.

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Content translation and localisation can help you improve engagement, reach wider audiences, and increase your sales. However, localising your content may take more time and effort than you had initially expected. Here’s how you can improve international SEO with content localizasion.

Multilingual Keyword Research & Link Building

Both translation and localisation may forget about a very important aspect of international SEO.  Keyword research. As mentioned above, people in one country will be using a different word than the other country uses for the same concept, even if they speak the same language. Think of “football” and “soccer” in English, as an example.

This means that when you simply translate or localise your content, the keywords that worked in the original might not work as well in the result. For instance, the French “étude de marché” will be “market study” in English. However, you might want to use “case study” or “market research” as that sounds more natural and has more monthly searches.

You have to do proper multilingual keyword research to see whether or not the keywords you use have a high ranking in other languages as well. This will also help your text flow more naturally and feel less awkward for your international audiences.

At the same time, don’t forget about link building. We are talking about international SEO here, so multilingual link building is an obvious yet overlooked element. You must always build links to your translated content from relevant websites in an appropriate language.

Search engines also value links from the websites in the same language and preferably the same country rather than those form websites in a different language. You will be able to rank much higher if you implement international link building into your strategy.

One more thing

It’s also a good idea to note the recognition of some websites. For example, while some British-only online newspapers or tabloid will be known only in the United Kingdom, others like BBC are known worldwide. Use the websites that have more authority in the country you are targeting.

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