How To Improve International SEO Part 2: Localisation.

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Content localisation can help you improve engagement, reach wider audiences, and increase your sales. However, localising your content may take more time and effort than you had initially expected. Here’s how you can improve international SEO with content localisation.

Localisation Tips

Translating your content into other languages is important, but what about the times when you want to target a country with the same language as the one you already write in? Does your SEO work well for that? Not really. That’s because languages can still vary by country with people using a different accent, vocabulary or even a dialect of the same language.

Take English, for example. The USA, the UK, and Australia are well-known countries where it is an official language . But, they all have different variations for the same concept. This is why it is so important to localise your content for international SEO.

Here are some tips:

Choose a great localisation service.

Sometimes, you will come across online services that combine translation and localisation such as The Word Point. These can be very useful as they are twice as effective as other services that work only with localisation, or only with translation.

Don’t forget about culture.

People from different countries may speak very similar versions of the same language, but their culture may be completely different. When localising your content, don’t forget to keep that in mind and remind your agency about it. Everything from word choice to spelling can vary. Indeed, there may be even such minor details as the omission of articles or other additional grammar rules. All of them must be taken into consideration for the localisation to be of the highest quality.

Dates and units of measurement are very important.

In some countries, people use Fahrenheit to measure temperature while in others it’s Celsius. In one region, the date starts with days and then follows with months and years, while in another it will start with months, then days and years. And so on.

Tune back in next week when we discuss improving International SEO using Keyword Research. 

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