Four Reasons To Outsource Uplifting Of Subpoena Documents.

Updated: Jun 10

Working out the requirements of each jurisdiction for accessing and reproducing subpoenaed documents at court, tribunals and commissions can be time-wasting and a headache. In this article, Kathleen Drown, Head of Operations, discusses the top four reasons to outsource accessing and reproducing subpoena documents.

1. Different Procedures in Different Courts Each Court and tribunal has their own processes and procedures for the accessing of subpoena documents and court files. Some Courts require documents to be copied onsite while others allow for uplift. Our team are well versed in the required forms and processes needed to complete your request and can ensure relevant paperwork is lodged with the court as needed along with arranging for appointments to attend. By outsourcing court copying to someone who does it all the time you can ensure your request is handled professionally and with minimal fuss. 2. Free Up Your Own Staff By having someone else do the laborious and time consuming court copying for you, your staff will have time for more skilled tasks such as the drafting of pleadings and legal research. Alternatively, if you don’t have the people power to do your own court copying, the outsourced option will take the stress away and free up valuable time. 3. Reduce Costs It is more cost effective to outsource your court copy needs to a third party because their charge out fee will be cheaper than the charge out rate of your own graduate solicitor or paralegal. 4. Avoid Wasted Trips to Court There is nothing worse than going to court, lining up and waiting your turn only to be told that your requested material is missing or not accessible. The court copy expert will know exactly what is required to uplift and call you from the court and inform you of any problems and how the problem can be fixed.

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