Singapore - Eversheds Sutherland End Merger With Harry Elias

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Eversheds Sutherland announced today that its three-year merger with Singapore-based

Eversheds Harry Elias will end on 30 June 2020.

Stephen Kitts, Eversheds Sutherland Managing Partner, Asia, commented: “We have

been in discussion with the senior team at legacy Harry Elias Partnership over the past

few months with regards to our future strategy in Singapore.  Whilst there have been

many positive milestones over the past three years, both firms feel the time has come to

tread a slightly different path.  We part as friends and on very good terms, and hope to

continue our close relationship in the future. 

“Eversheds Sutherland remains committed to Southeast Asia and its many clients in the

region.  We are currently reviewing our plans in Singapore, given its position as a major

financial hub and dispute resolution centre, and anticipate making further

announcements in due course.”

Philip Fong, Managing Partner, Eversheds Harry Elias, commented: “When we first

negotiated the merger, we had included a review mechanism at the three-year mark. On

this review, both firms decided that the merger is not the best option for them going


“Nevertheless, we look forward to continued cooperation with Eversheds Sutherland,

albeit in a different form, for ongoing and future local and regional projects. We remain

very committed to a regional outlook and global strategy.

“Come 1 July 2020, our firm’s name will revert to Harry Elias Partnership. I am confident

that Harry Elias Partnership will continue to play an important role in the development of

Singapore as the leading legal hub in the region and beyond. All our clients can expect

uninterrupted, consistent and dedicated service offerings from all our lawyers and staff.”

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