Advantages Women bring to the Workplace

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

As time marches forward, we are witnessing much more emphasis on bringing diversity to the workplace and having it confirmed that women contribute just as much as men to the world of work. Lesley Hobbs, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cognatio Law, the latest NewLaw evolution in Hong Kong, knows the challenges faced in a male-dominated profession all too well. Women bring progress, attention to detail and much more to the workforce. A recent video from the South Morning China Post (SCMP) featuring Jack Ma, Alibaba Group founder and China’s richest man, giving a keynote speech at Alibaba's Gateway '17 in Detroit, agrees with this and credits hiring women as the ‘secret of Alibaba's success”. Alibaba’s company makeup is currently about 47 percent women and climbing!

Click here to watch SCMP's video featuring Jack Ma.

Everyone, male or female, is an individual and brings different skills to the table, but overall “soft skills” are usually more developed in women, and women are generally more willing to utilise them. These soft skills are also sometimes referred to as “feminine skills” and include: relational intelligence, emotional intelligence, holistic perspective, inclusion, empathy and intuition as well as a superior social sensitivity in reading non-verbal cues and other people’s emotions.

Some other benefits women bring to the workplace are:

Strong communication and networking skills; women, in general, respond more effectively than men to visual, verbal, and emotional factors. By collaborating as a team, sharing ideas and advice, a talented female manager can then guide her team to the best solutions, promotion of teamwork and collaborative efforts.

Team Building; boosting productivity and team spirit by helping every member of the team feel that their efforts and contributions are valued. By building team spirit, you will have a happy workforce where everyone is motivated to give their maximum effort towards the benefit of the company.

Strong Ethics; most women have a strong sense of right and wrong, and prefer to accomplish every job with an eye toward fairness. This is probably only natural after many years of being overlooked in favor of a male counterpart simply because of their gender! With a strong sense of fair play established; by involving more women in your business; you will find the incidents of unethical business being reduced considerably.

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