NewLaw Firms in Asia Pacific


At KorumLegal, we are shaping a new reality in legal solutions and changing the way we service clients.

Legal solutions should be flexible, smart, innovative and lean. Our team has a great passion for legal solutions done differently and we love working with our great clients. We are inspired by the future of legal services and the opportunity to be a pioneer in shaping tomorrow’s legal solutions today.
We offer solutions across three verticals: People, Process, and Technology.  Learn more at

Cognatio Law

Cognatio Law builds tailor-made solutions for companies to enable their legal and compliance teams to be more efficient and achieve cost-effective resourcing and business management solutions. We can do this by seconding experts quickly and at short notice on to any given project and without the risk of incurring additional permanent employee costs. We also partner with law firms and other professional services firms to help deliver a total service solution to our banking and corporate clients as and when required. This includes the delivery and execution of both traditional resourcing & consultancy services as well as work & systems process efficiencies.


Cognatio Law has a very structured and transparent pricing model that is agreed in advance between all parties engaged in the process. Our clients engage us on an agreed timeframe and payment basis and are not invoiced or billed for employee on-costs such as statutory sick leave and public holiday entitlements. Our team of consultants are employed under all the relevant local employment laws and regulations.


Cognatio Law is headquartered in Hong Kong and is headed up by a management team with a solid understanding of both local and regional business needs as well as legal & regulatory requirements. This includes over 40 years combined experience of working with legal, compliance and risk professionals across the Asia Pacific region as well as a proven track record placing professionals into household names within investment & private banking, funds, insurance, telecoms, media & technology, FMCG, manufacturing and professional services firms.

ES Agile

ES Agile is an established division of Eversheds Sutherland, created to meet client demand for high quality, interim legal professionals. We provide peace of mind with legal knowledge and the support of a recognized global law brand.  We have an extensive track record of highly successful placements and our clients and consultants tell us they like the cost certainty, quality, and integration with the wider firm that only ES Agile can provide.
ES Agile launched in Asia in 2015 with hubs in both Singapore and Hong Kong. We have over 100 legal professionals in our pool, from 2 years post qualification up to general counsel level, covering a range of sectors and specialisms. Our candidates are screened and assessed by our team and partners prior to joining the panel, this ensures only the exceptional are chosen. Our aim is to help you deliver your projects on time at the level of quality you demand.


Axiom is the global leading alternative legal services provider serving more than 50% of the Fortune 100. With over 2,000+ employees across three continents, we provide talent and technology to help legal functions adapt to a demanding new era, enabling them to be even more flexible, strategic and drive business forward.
Axiom partners with in-house legal departments to provide tech-enabled business solutions. It combines flexible resourcing with value-added capabilities through two main platforms, Talent Platform which houses structured solutions that resource sophisticated legal work in a nimble and cost-efficient way, and Contracts Platform which houses industrialised solutions (ie. M&A Diligence & Integration or Regulatory Response Solutions) tailored to specific use cases for contracts negotiation and data intelligence.


The lawyers at Bespoke have extensive experience in various areas including commercial and corporate law, M&A, intellectual property, litigation, trade, transport and regulatory, e-commerce, and privacy. Through Bespoke’s innovative business model, the firm provides high quality, dedicated legal services, which are project managed from beginning to end. Its key industry focus
Bespoke's business model also does away with fixed overheads, bureaucratic large firm processes and inflexible fee agreements. In their place, the firm’s lawyers provide clients with tailored legal support without watching the clock.
Bespoke is an award-winning pioneer NewLaw firm. Its innovative model has been published across various media channels as the foremost NewLaw competitor to traditional law firms in Australia. Bespoke adopts a revolutionary approach to legal services, guided by an ‘in-house philosophy’. This ‘in-house philosophy’ places Bespoke at the heart of each client’s business, enabling the provision of highly commercial and strategic advice.
areasare: Cosmetics, Leasing, Retail & consumer, Supply chain, Technology and Waste.

Hive Legal

Since Hive Legal was established in 2014 we have been described as ‘innovators’, ‘disruptors’, ’ game changers’,  ‘pioneers’ and  ‘small but mighty’.  They are all descriptions of which we are proud.  We have challenged the status quo by starting with a clean slate and developing a unique new business model with many innovative elements including:

•             A thriving innovation program – all staff are actively encouraged to think innovatively about how Hive operates and how it can assist clients. This includes using our Design Thinking based framework, HiveThinkP 

•             Value pricing / No timesheets or hourly billing  - we work with clients to agree the value of the work we do for them up front allowing for certainty, aligning of incentives to get the work done and our staff to focus on achieving quality outcomes for clients rather than being rewarded for time taken.

•             A Contemporary Workplace – we combine the flexibility of working virtually with the benefits of an office. All staff work from a cloud platform delivering extensive mobility allowing them to work when and where they are most effective and in a way that enables work/ life integration.

We continue to provide corporate commercial legal services to a growing number of iconic Australian clients in a way that improves the experience for them.

Described as Australia’s “most innovative law firm” (Huffington Post), Law Squared is committed to practising law in a more human way.
Led by Demetrio Zema, Law Squared has identified modern legal system is archaic and unable to meet the needs of a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs and high growth businesses.

Why? Traditional law firms are determined to maintain strict hierarchies and the dysfunctional 'billable hour'. This inefficient structure prevents innovation and tech-adaptability, resulting in outcomes that significantly cost clients in both time and money.
Therefore, Law Squared has been built around the principles of New Law to respond to these problems, and has a strong focus on building and supporting a community of entrepreneurs and high growth business in Australia and beyond.
Our firm is absolutely committed to its community and achieving client outcomes by providing our legal services in a more human way.


lexvoco helps in-house lawyers succeed. An award-winning, innovative law firm in Asia Pacific, lexvoco helps in-house lawyers with legal services, legal operations, continuous improvement and technology solutions. With almost 100+ employees and operating from eight offices in the region, lexvoco is trusted by national governments and the world’s largest and best organisations. Uniquely, all of lexvoco’s team are also in-house lawyers, giving them a deep understanding of their clients’ needs, traits and challenges.

LOD - Lawyers On Demand

LOD is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing flexible legal services businesses, with a team of 600 high quality lawyers and compliance professionals across the globe.  LOD  was created by the merger of AdventBalance in Australia and Asia and London’s LOD in mid-2016. Passionately committed to different and better ways of working for both lawyers and legal and compliance teams, we enable lawyers to take control of how (and where) they work and assist our clients to focus on outputs and not overheads.


Our service offerings include: ‘On-Site’ where lawyers work at clients offices for as long as they need to cover employee gaps, absences or longer term projects; ‘On-Call’ with lawyers working as and when needed as a flexile extension of clients teams and perfect for contract overflow, project work or extra capacity; and ‘Designed & Managed Solutions’ which is an insourced or outsourced team of lawyers, compliance professionals, paralegals, experts or a combination of them, that is project managed by LOD to work on a pre-defined matter, project, activity or workflow.

Lawyers join us for many reasons but what they do have in common is the desire for high quality work with leading organisations coupled with a degree of control, which traditional models can’t offer.  For our lawyers, working with LOD is both a career and lifestyle choice.   And for our clients, they have easy and transparent access to talented people in a more flexible, cost effective and efficient manner. Most importantly, we believe in a high energy and positive culture. Being a lawyer is hard work, but it should also be rewarding and enjoyable.


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